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How exactly does fifty shades reflect badly on the BDSM community?



I can’t believe people are still asking this.

  • romanticization of a maniplulative abuser
  • lack of and/or disposal of the importance of consent
  • taking advantage of someone from a lower socioeconomic class
  • perpetuating the risky behavior of novices hopping into D/s with no idea what it is, which ends up subjecting them to
  1. creepy abusive assholes who prey on naive subs who thing 50 shades represents BDSM (and who are prime victims because they wouldn’t know that they are being taken advantage of since force and possessiveness seem ‘romantic to them’
  2. People running out to get zip ties or rope and shit to tie themselves up with without actually reading up on bondage. Blood clots and injuries ensue, yay
  3. People putting themselves into emotionally intense scenes with no preparation and ending up frightened, confused and uncomfortable.

tl;dr, if you think 50 shades is a good representative of BDSM you are too unprepared and naive to get into BDSM.

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Step 1. Buy a ring pop.

Step 2. Give it to them.

What do you mean they said no? Go buy the right flavor this time, you dummy!



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I have so many new followers since I last went through and followed nice people back.

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Hey! I'm kinda new at this... What's a Lolita?


Lolita's quick google definition “a sexually precocious young girl.”
(Also try nymphets.)

Lolita is also a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. It’s about a thirty-something year old man that is basically obsessed with a twelve year old girl.
(They become sexually active after he becomes her stepfather. Her mother finds out about his feelings for the girl but is hit by a car. There’s a lot of traveling and sexual stuff.) It’s a controversial subject. In my opinion, it is awful, and it’s never okay to romanticize sexually abusive relationships, especially involving children. Obsessive pedophilia is also not okay.

Lolita is also a subculture of fashion. It’s from Japan, and it’s mostly based on Victorian era fashion. It’s really interesting and cute. There are a lot of types of lolita fashion.

Lolicon (lolita complex?) is basically hentai with children or childlike characters.
This is also something that is very problematic, as it is basically child porn in anime form.

Also a loli is a(n usually female) child or childlike character usually in anime and hentai.

I hope this was adequate.

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Reminder to follow my main blog

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Was feeling sexy, despite my shitty makeup job. So, below the cut, nudes.

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno

@brookeva shot at 5:24PM.

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