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little boobies can get all dressed up and look pretty too!

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What  are buttplugs made of? What types of lube can be used with them?

  • Rubber - Water-based lube
  • Latex - Water-based lube
  • Silicone - Water-based lube
  • Glass - silicone lube, water-based lube
  • Steel - silicone lube, water-based lube
  • Wood - silicone lube, water-based lube

It’s best to avoid rubber toys since they tend to be cheap but if you’re looking for a beginner buttplug to start off with it and you’re low on money, they’re not a bad option. Just be aware that they’re not as sanitary as the other options even when properly washed. Rubber is a porous material so it’s easier for bacteria and chemicals to get trapped in these pores.

Never use silicone-based lube on silicone toys. The lube will eat away at the material and create pores that ruin the toy and make it harder to clean. Most silicone toys aren’t that cheap either so it’s not worth the fuss.


If you see a plug made in China there’s a chance they are not phthalates-free which means you should avoid at all costs.

Avoid lubes that contain anesthetics. While you may think that having something that will numb you will make it easier to take the plug, it can be dangerous in cases of accidental injury.

If you’re having a tough time taking the plug, do not force it in. Use plenty of lube and work it in gently. If you’re feeling pain or it just won’t go in, there’s a chance that you have a toy that’s too big for you and you may want to work your way up with fingers or beginner plugs.

Always wash your plugs after each use. Anti-bacterial soap and warm water will do just fine with water-based lubes, other lubes may require a bottle of a toy cleaner.

For more information please visit TheHealthyBear.

Where to buy tailplugs?

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